IFCB- International Federation for Cell Biology

CBI-Cell Biology International
International Congress of Cell Biology
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Please including: 1-Curriculum Vitae, 2-Why are you interest to this theme, 3-Your research plan related to this theme etc.


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Reference(attached sheet allowable)

1-Recommended reason, 2-Simple introduction of the laboratory


1. Please submit this form to Secretariat before 28th April. 2. Reference means the tutor or Principle Investigator(PI). 3. Please bring the post when you have the class. 4. Please attach the brief introduction of the case study (about 500 words) if you want to Submit Case Studies to discuss during the summer school.

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  • Australian and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Brazilian Society of Cell Biology
  • Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences
  • Chinese Society for Cell Biology
  • British Society for Cell Biology
  • European Life Scientist Organization
  • Societe de Biologie Cellulaire de France
  • Indian Society of Cell Biology
  • Iran Society for Cell Biology
  • Japanese Society for Cell Biology
  • Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Ibero-American Society for Cell Biology
  • Polish Society for Cell Biology
  • African Society for Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Spanish Society for Cell Biology
  • The Society of Cell and Molecular Biology, Taipei
  • Ukranian Society for Cell Biology
  • American Society for Cell Biology