IFCB- International Federation for Cell Biology

CBI-Cell Biology International
International Congress of Cell Biology

IFCB has supported the following activities since the last congress

2000:  ASCB 40th Anniversary meeting in San Francisco, USA
2001:  Hunter Cellular Biology Meeting, NSW, Australia <– View Report (>0.5MB PDF) 
2001:  International Symposium on Cell Signalling, Hong Kong
2001:  12th Cell Cycle Conference, Mayrhofen, Austria
2001:  17th International workshop on the Cell Nucleus, Arcachon, France
2001:  8th Ibero-American Society for Cell Biology, Peru
2002:  4th Asian-Pacific Organization for Cell Biology, Taipei, Taiwan
2002:  Merton Bernfield Memorial Fund to support the travel of young cell biologists
2002:  The Sumeg meeting on Cell Menbranes, Hungary


  • Australian and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Brazilian Society of Cell Biology
  • Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences
  • Chinese Society for Cell Biology
  • British Society for Cell Biology
  • European Life Scientist Organization
  • Societe de Biologie Cellulaire de France
  • Indian Society of Cell Biology
  • Iran Society for Cell Biology
  • Japanese Society for Cell Biology
  • Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Ibero-American Society for Cell Biology
  • Polish Society for Cell Biology
  • African Society for Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Spanish Society for Cell Biology
  • The Society of Cell and Molecular Biology, Taipei
  • Ukranian Society for Cell Biology
  • American Society for Cell Biology